अमेरिकन क्रान्तिकारी युद्ध

अमेरिकन क्रान्तिकारी युद्ध (स्न् १७७५- स्न् १७८३) अमेरिकी स्वतन्त्रता संग्राम, वा संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिकाय् क्रान्तिकारी युद्ध अमेरिकी इतिहासया छता महत्त्वपूर्ण युद्ध ख। थ्व युद्ध बेलायती राजतन्त्र व १३गु उपनिवेशया दथुइ न्ह्यथंगु युद्ध जुसां बिस्कं थ्व युद्ध बेलायत छख्ये व मेख्ये न्हुगु राष्ट्र संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, फ्रान्स, नेदरल्यान्दस्, स्पेन, व मैसुर राजतन्त्रया दथुया युद्ध जुवन। थ्व युद्धया लिच्वः कथं अमेरिकी स्वतन्त्रता पलिस्था जुल व मेमेगु देय्‌तयेत धाःसा मिश्रित लिच्वः दत।

अमेरिकन क्रान्तिकारी युद्ध
Rev collage.pngSurrender of General Burgoyne.jpgBataille Yorktown.jpg
देपाः च्वसं क्लकवाइज: Battle of Bunker Hill, Death of Montgomery at the Battle of Quebec, Battle of Cowpens, Siege of Yorktown, Surrender of General Burgoyne during the Saratoga campaign, "Moonlight Battle"
तिथि April 19, 1775 – September 3, 1783
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थाय् Eastern North America, Gibraltar, Balearic Islands, Central America;
French, Dutch, and British colonial possessions in the Indian subcontinent, Africa and elsewhere;

European coastal waters, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic and Indian Oceans

लिच्वः American independence
Britain loses area east of Mississippi River and south of Great Lakes & St. Lawrence River to independent United States & to Spain; Spain gains East Florida, West Florida and Minorca; Britain cedes Tobago and Senegal to France.
Dutch Republic cedes Negapatnam to Britain.
US flag 13 stars – Betsy Ross.svg United States
Kingdom of Franceया ध्वाँय्‌ France (1778–83)
Spainया ध्वाँय्‌ Spain (1779–83)
Prinsenvlag.svg Dutch Republic (1780–83)

Mysore (1779–84)
Vermont (1777–83)
Watauga Association

 Great Britain


कमान्दर व नायः
United Statesया ध्वाँय्‌ George Washington
United Statesया ध्वाँय्‌ Nathanael Greene
United Statesया ध्वाँय्‌ Horatio Gates
United Statesया ध्वाँय्‌ Richard Montgomery 
United Statesया ध्वाँय्‌ Daniel Morgan
United Statesया ध्वाँय्‌ Henry Knox
United Statesया ध्वाँय्‌ Benedict Arnold (Defected)
United Statesया ध्वाँय्‌ Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben
United Statesया ध्वाँय्‌ Marquis de La Fayette
Kingdom of Franceया ध्वाँय्‌ Comte de Rochambeau
Kingdom of Franceया ध्वाँय्‌ Comte de Grasse
Kingdom of Franceया ध्वाँय्‌ Duc de Crillon
Kingdom of Franceया ध्वाँय्‌ Bailli de Suffren
Spainया ध्वाँय्‌ Bernardo de Gálvez
Spainया ध्वाँय्‌ Luis de Córdova
Spainया ध्वाँय्‌ Juan de Lángara
Hyder Ali
Tipu Sultan
...full list
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ Lord North
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ Sir William Howe
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ Thomas Gage
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ Sir Henry Clinton
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ Lord Cornwallis (POW)
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ Sir Guy Carleton
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ John Burgoyne (POW)
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ George Eliott
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ Benedict Arnold
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ George Rodney
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ Richard Howe
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ Sir Hector Munro
Kingdom of Great Britainया ध्वाँय्‌ Wilhelm von Knyphausen
Joseph Brant
...full list
At Height:

35,000 Continentals
44,500 Militia
5,000 Continental Navy sailors (at height in 1779)[१]
53 ships (active service at some point during the war)[१]
12,000 French (in America)
~60,000 French and Spanish (in Europe)[२]

At Height:

56,000 British[citation needed]
78 Royal Navy ships in 1775[१] 171,000 Sailors[३]
30,000 Germans[४]
50,000 Loyalists[५]
13,000 Natives[६]

मदूपिं व घाःपा जुपिं
American: 25,000 dead
  • 8,000 in battle
  • 17,000 by other causes

Total American casualties: up to 50,000 dead and wounded[७]
Allies: 6,000± French and Spanish (in Europe)
2,000 French (in America)

20,000± Soldiers from the British army dead and wounded

19,740 sailors dead (1,240 in Battle) [३]
42,000 sailors deserted [३]
7,554 German dead


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