फ्रान्सिस् ड्रेक

Sir Francis Drake
— Pirate —
1590 or later Marcus Gheeraerts, Sir Francis Drake Buckland Abbey, Devon.jpg
Sir Francis Drake in Buckland Abbey
16th century, oil on canvas, by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger
Nickname El Draque (Spanish), Draco (Latin, "The Dragon")
Type Privateer
Born ca. Template:Birth-date
Place of birth Tavistock, Devon, England
Died Template:Death-date and age
Place of death Portobelo, Colón, Panama
Allegiance England
Years active 1563 – 1596
Rank Vice admiral
Base of operations Caribbean Sea
Commands Golden Hind (previously known as Pelican)
Battles/wars Anglo–Spanish War
Battle of Gravelines
Wealth Template:Pirate wealth