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Theआज्माया prognosisप्रोग्नोसिस for asthmatics is goodबांला, especiallyविशेषयाना forमाइल्ड childrenल्वय् withदुगु mildमचातेत। disease.मचाबिले Forडायग्नोसिस asthmaticsजुगु diagnosedआज्माय् during childhood, 54५४%य् willथ्व noडायग्नोसिस longer१०दं carryधुंका theदैमखु। diagnosis after a decade. Theआज्मातिक्सय् extent of permanent lung damage inगुलि asthmaticsदु isधका unclear.बांलाक्क जानकारी मदुनि। Airway remodelling is observed, butखनेदै itतर isथुकिलिं unknownम्हयात whetherद्याइ theseवा representत्याइ harmfulधका orआतक्क beneficialधाय्‌ changes.मछिं।<ref name=Maddox /> Although conclusions from studies are mixed, most studies show that early treatment with glucocorticoids prevents or ameliorates decline in lung function as measured by several parameters.<ref name=beckett>Beckett PA, Howarth PH. Pharmacotherapy and airway remodelling in asthma? ''Thorax''. 2003;58(2):163-74. PMID 12554904</ref>
For those who continue to suffer from mild symptoms, corticosteroids can help most to live their lives with few [[disabilities]]. The mortality rate for asthma is low, with around 6000 deaths per year in a population of some 10 million patients in the United States.<ref name=McFadden />
Better control of the condition may help prevent some of these deaths.