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* '''new:''' थ्व पौ बोट स्ट्याटसयागु इनापयायेत व बोटतेगु सुची देकेयात खः।
* '''en:''' Requests for the [[m:bot|bot]] flag should be made on this page. Since this wiki does not have a [[m:Bureaucrat|bureaucrat]], granting of access has to be [[m:Requests for bot status|performed by a steward]] if there are no objections on this page. The [[m:Bot policy|standard bot policy]] is used on this wiki, with automatic approval of certain types of bots allowed.
==Previous requests==
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* 2008:
** [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|oldid=240590#EukeshBot}} EukeshBot]
** [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|oldid=240590#BotMultichill}} BotMultichill]
** [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|oldid=240590#Byrialbot}} Byrialbot]
** [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|oldid=240590#PipepBot}} PipepBot]
** [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|oldid=240590#DragonBot}} DragonBot]
** [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|oldid=240590#WikiDreamer_Bot}} WikiDreamer Bot]
** [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|oldid=240590#SpBot}} SpBot]
** [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|oldid=240590#StigBot}} StigBot]
** [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|oldid=240590#Synthebot}} Synthebot]
=== [[User:EukeshBotSieBot|EukeshBotSieBot]] ===
*: '''Already done.''' —<small>[[m:User:Pathoschild|Pathoschild]] १५:२२:५९, ११ डिसेम्बर २००७ (UTC)</small>
*[[User:देसीफ्राल|देसीफ्राल]] 11:49, 16 डिसेम्बर 2006 (UTC)
* [[User:उत्तम सिंह|उत्तम सिंह]] 14:47, 20 डिसेम्बर 2006 (UTC)
=== Bot status [[User:BotMultichill|BotMultichill]] ===
Hi, i request a bot bit for [[User:BotMultichill|BotMultichill]].
* Botmaster : [[User:Multichill|Multichill]]
* Bot's name : [[User:BotMultichill|BotMultichill]]
* List of botflags on others wikipedias: 30 atm (see [[meta:User:Multichill]] for the current list)
* Purpose: Interwiki (pywikipedia)
* Technical details : [[User:BotMultichill|BotMultichill]] is an interwiki bot starting at the [[:nl:Gebruiker:BotMultichill|Dutch wikipedia]]. The bot uses the pywikipedia framework and runs day and night in autonomous mode. Sometimes the bot will run in manual assisted mode to solve interwiki conflicts. [[छ्येलेमि:Multichill|Multichill]] १३:३३, ५ जुन २००७ (UTC)
: '''Already done.''' —<small>[[m:User:Pathoschild|Pathoschild]] १५:२२:५९, ११ डिसेम्बर २००७ (UTC)</small>
--[[छ्येलेमि:Eukesh|Eukesh]] १५:१४, ५ जुन २००७ (UTC)
=== [[User:Byrialbot|Byrialbot]] ===
Hello! I ask for permission to run my interwiki bot [[User:Byrialbot|Byrialbot]] at this wiki, and get a bot flag for it.
* Operator: [[User:Byrial]]
* Operator's home project: [[:da:User:Byrial]]
* Purpose: Interwiki
* Have bot flag at: ar:, bs:, bpy:, cs:, da:, de:, en:, eo:, et:, fo:, fr:, he:, hu:, id:, io:, is:, it:, ka:, ksh:, lb:, li:, lt:, lv:, mk:, ms:, nds:, nn:, no:, pms:, pt:, ru:, simple:, sl:, sv:, uk:, vo:
* Details: Interwiki using Pywikipediabot starting from da:, nn:, no: and sv:. It mostly runs manually assisted and I try to solve found interwiki conflicts when I can, so the number of edits will be limited.
It is not running yet. Please tell if you like to see any test edits. Thank you! [[छ्येलेमि:Byrial|Byrial]] २२:०६, २४ जुन २००७ (UTC)
: As I see no objection I will start the bot now so you can see it in action. PS: I know that you don't have any bureaucrats yet here at the Nepal Bhasa Wikipedia who can grant bot flags, but I can ask for a flag to the bot at the Meta-Wiki if I get support here first. Thank you, [[छ्येलेमि:Byrial|Byrial]] ११:४४, ३ जुलाई २००७ (UTC)
:: '''Done.''' —<small>[[m:User:Pathoschild|Pathoschild]] १५:२२:५९, ११ डिसेम्बर २००७ (UTC)</small>
=== [[User:PipepBot|PipepBot]] ===
Hello! I ask for permission to run my interwiki bot [[User:PipepBot|PipepBot]] here, and to get a bot flag for it.
* Operator: [[:it:User:Pipep]]
* Purpose: Interwiki
* Software: Pywikipedia
* Have bot flag at: als, am, an, ar, az, bat-smg, be-x-old, bn, bs, ca, ceb, cs, cv, da, en, eo, et, fo, fur, fy, ga, hr, id, is, ka, ksh, la, lb, li, lv, mk, ml, nap, nds, nds-nl, nn, no, pms, roa-tara, scn, simple, sl, sr, sv, th, uk, vec
* Details: Interwiki using Pywikipediabot. It mostly runs manually assisted. May run automatically in some cases.
Thank you!
--[[:it:User:Pipep]] ०७:५५, ११ अगस्ट २००७ (UTC)
PipepBot has now bot flag. Thank you! [[:it:User:Pipep]] १७:५५, ५ सेप्टेम्बर २००७ (UTC)
=== [[User:DragonBot]] ===
Hello! I would like request permission to run my interwiki bot [[User:DragonBot|DragonBot]] here and to get a bot flag for it.
* Bot accout: [[User:DragonBot]] ([[:ml:ഉപയോക്താവ്:DragonBot/Contributions|Contributions]])
* Botmaster: [[User:DragonBot]]
* Botmaster's home project: [[:ml:User:Jacob.jose]]
* List of botflags on others wikipedias: Malayalam(ml), English(en), Simple English(simple), Samogitian(bat-smg), Bengali(bn), Manipuri(bpy), Telugu(te), Russian(ru), Italian(it), Norwegian(no), Danish(da), Turkish(tr), Albanian(sq), Volapük(vo), Swedish(sv), Tamil(ta), German(de), Japanese(ja), Arabic(ar), Esperanto(eo), Romanian(ro), Catalan(ca), Spanish(es), French(fr), Estonian(et), Icelandic(is), Korean(ko), Marathi(mr), Hebrew(he), Hungarian(hu), Kannada(kn), Dutch(nl), Croatian(hr), Slovak(sk), Indonesian(id), Bulgarian(bg)
* Purpose: Interwiki
* Technical details: Interwiki bot starting from wikis in South Asian Languages. Runs in Automated/Supervised mode. --[[:ml:User:Jacob.jose|Jacob.jose]] 5th November, 2007
*: '''Done.''' —<small>[[m:User:Pathoschild|Pathoschild]] १५:२२:५९, ११ डिसेम्बर २००७ (UTC)</small>
=== [[User:WikiDreamer Bot|WikiDreamer Bot]] ===
* '''Operator:''' [[:fr:User:WikiDreamer|WikiDreamer]]
* '''Automatic or Manually Assisted:''' Automatic
* '''Programming Language(s):''' Python (Pywikipedia framework)
* '''Function Summary:''' Interwiki from sk wikipedia
* '''Bot with flag:''' [http://tools.wikimedia.de/%7Epurodha/sample/dbswithuser.php?usr=WikiDreamer+Bot (15 wiki) AR-CS-DA-ET-FI-HE-HR-HU-ID-KO-LT-SK-SL-SR-UK]
* '''Bot without flag (requests):''' [http://tools.wikimedia.de/%7Epurodha/sample/dbswithuser.php?usr=WikiDreamer+Bot (9 wiki) BG-CA-CEB-EO-NEW-RO-TE-TR-VO]
I run my bot now for 50 test edits. Thanks! --[[:fr:User:WikiDreamer|WikiDreamer]] ०१:३९, १५ मे २००८ (UTC)
==== Support ====
==== Oppose ====
==== Comments ====
:Bot flag set. --[[छ्येलेमि:Dungodung|Dungodung]] १७:५९, २ जुन २००८ (UTC)
=== [[User:SpBot|SpBot]] ===
Hello. I would like to [[Special:Makebot/SpBot|get]] a bot-flag on this wiki.
*'''Operator:''' [[:de:User:Euku]]
*'''Purpose:''' Interwiki links: It adds/modifies/deletes interwiki links.
*'''Software:''' pywikipediabot framework via SVN
*'''Already has bot flag on:''' 51 Wikipedias, for example: ar, bn, ca, cs, '''de''', '''en''', es, eu, da, '''fr''', he, hu, it, pl, ro, '''ru''', sq, tr. (on German Wikipedia since 2006, with [http://tools.wikimedia.de/~interiot/cgi-bin/count_edits?user=SpBot&dbname=dewiki_p >67.000 edits]), look at [http://tools.wikimedia.de/~vvv/sulutil.php?user=SpBot&rights=1 details]
:Thank you! --[[छ्येलेमि:Euku|Euku]] ०८:१६, ४ जुन २००८ (UTC)
==== Support ====
==== Oppose ====
==== Comments ====
* डोने ( ःओव् दो ई स्वित्च्ह् ओफ्फ् थिस् केय्ओअर्द्?) - [[छ्येलेमि:Andre Engels|Andre Engels]] १६:१५, २७ जुन २००८ (UTC)
===Bot flag for [[User:StigBot|StigBot]] ===
I hereby request botflag on this wiki for my bot [[User:StigBot|StigBot]].
*'''Owner’s account:''' [[:no:User:Stigmj|Stigmj]] ([[:no:User talk:Stigmj|talk]])
*'''Bot account:''' [[User:StigBot|StigBot]] ([[Special:Contributions/StigBot|contribs]] &bull; [http://toolserver.org/~vvv/sulutil.php?user=StigBot <span style="color:#002bb8">sul</span>] &bull; [[:m:Special:Makebot/StigBot@newwiki|makebot@meta]] )
*'''Function:''' mainly interwiki, but can be used in user-namespace for adding userpages etc. on request from the affected users.
*'''Software:''' Pywikipedia, updated from SVN before each run.
*'''Other:''' Runs manually initiated automatic supervised and sometimes entirely manual. Already has bot flag on: ar, bpy, en, eo, fr, no, oc, pt, ro and vo.
Best regards, [[छ्येलेमि:Stigmj|Stigmj]] १३:०१, ८ जुन २००८ (UTC)
==== Support ====
==== Oppose ====
==== Comments ====
* डोने ( ःओव् दो ई स्वित्च्ह् ओफ्फ् थिस् केय्ओअर्द्?) - [[छ्येलेमि:Andre Engels|Andre Engels]] १६:१५, २७ जुन २००८ (UTC)
=== [[User:Synthebot|Synthebot]] ===
Dear all, this is to request a bot flag for [[User:Synthebot|Synthebot]]. Its technical information is summarized below.
*'''Operator''': [[:en:User:Julian Mendez|Julian Mendez]]
*'''Automatic or Manually Assisted''': mostly automatic in autonomous mode; sometimes manually assisted to solve interwiki conflicts
*'''Programming Language(s)''': [[:m:Using the python wikipediabot|pywikipedia]]
*'''Function Summary''': interwiki links
*'''Already has a bot flag on''': more than 60 wikipedias, see [http://toolserver.org/~vvv/sulutil.php?user=Synthebot SUL table]
Further technical information is available on its [[:ia:User:Synthebot|main page]]. Thank you in advance. Regards, --[[छ्येलेमि:Julian Mendez|Julian]] २०:०६, ८ जुन २००८ (UTC)
==== Support ====
==== Oppose ====
==== Comments ====
* डोने ( ःओव् दो ई स्वित्च्ह् ओफ्फ् थिस् केय्ओअर्द्?) - [[छ्येलेमि:Andre Engels|Andre Engels]] १६:१५, २७ जुन २००८ (UTC)
== [[User:SieBot|SieBot]] ==
Hi, I request a bot bit for [[User:SieBot|SieBot]].
* Botmaster : [[User:Siebrand|Siebrand]]