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{{Infobox pirate
|name=Sir Francis Drake
|birth_date=[[Circa|ca.]] {{Birth-date|df=yes|1540}}
|death_date= {{Death-date and age|27 January 1596|15 February 1540}}
|image= 1590 or later Marcus Gheeraerts, Sir Francis Drake Buckland Abbey, Devon.jpg
|caption=Sir Francis Drake in [[Buckland Abbey]]<br />16th century, oil on canvas, by [[Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger]]
|nickname=El Draque (Spanish), Draco (Latin, "The Dragon")
|birth_place = [[Tavistock, Devon]], England
|death_place = [[Portobelo, Colón]], Panama
|allegiance= England
|serviceyears=1563&nbsp;– 1596
|base of operations=[[Piracy in the Caribbean|Caribbean Sea]]
|rank=[[Vice admiral]]
|commands=''[[Golden Hind]]'' (previously known as ''Pelican'')<br>''[[English ship Bonaventure (1567)|Bonaventure]]''<br>''[[English ship Revenge (1577)|Revenge]]''
|battles=[[Anglo–Spanish War (1585)|Anglo–Spanish War]]<br />[[Naval battle of Gravelines|Battle of Gravelines]]
|wealth={{Pirate wealth|115|2}}